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  • My (shy/old/small/really young) dog seems very stressed and fearful when he/she is there…​
  • My dog is left alone all night...​

Working in this business I have heard many shocking stories about the possible outcomes of leaving your dog at a kennel or boarding facility; anywhere from a dog coming home with bite marks to staff ignoring strict medication orders. It is not uncommon for dogs to be mistreated, overlooked, or uncomfortable while staying at these places.

Here are some reasons why you should choose DUMONTIER's DOGGY DAYCARE for all your daycare and boarding needs:

Extremely Conscientious to your dogs’ needs.

Clean and Safe environment.

Freedom.  Your dog will never need to be in a crate unless otherwise instructed (for sleeping, training, etc.)

Comfortable Home Setting.  My daycare is my home, so guests can feel free to lounge out on the deck, play in our safe fenced-in  yard or just be a couch potato.

Experience.  I have raised and cared for dogs of all sizes and temperaments for over 15 years.

Familiarity. Your pup can always look forward to seeing a friendly, familiar face.

Always Staffed throughout the night.

Why Choose

Some common complaints about the other places:

  • My dog is just a number…
  • The place is loud and intimidating…  Not an inviting environment…
  • My dog comes home smelling like urine… 
  • My dog comes home with injuries…
  • The staff seemed inexperienced and uninterested in my dog…
  • I have to pay extra just so my dog can get some attention…
  • My dog is confined all day…
  • It always seems like a different person is there to take care of my dog…
  • My (shy/old/small/really young) dog seems very stressed and fearful when he/she is there…​
  • My dog is left alone all night...​

​The PROBLEM with kennels and other boarding facilities...

Dog to Human Ratio:

  • A large number of dogs, in crowded settings, with very few staff to clean up after them, will inevitably lead to unsanitary conditions.
  • With too many dogs, and too little staff, dogs become simply a number and don’t get any special attention.
  • This leads to a chaotic/out of control situations. Some dogs can play too rough or get aggressive and the staff may not notice since it is difficult to keep an eye on every single dog at all times.
  • This is an excitable environment, where it can be difficult to relax. It brings out nervousness and aggression in more dominant dogs, while it can be very intimidating for timid or shy dogs.   


  • Inexperienced, uncaring, staff.
  • Interactions with constantly alternating staff members, which deprives your dog of the ability to develop a loving, trusting bond with one person. 

Add-on costs:

  • If you have looked at other places, you will find out that many charge extra for walks, treats, playtime, even how much attention and affection your dog is given.